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Mosaic Traventine Tile Contractor Denver ColoradoMosaic Tile Installation is not for the weak of heart. Most customers see a "sheet" of mosaic, and think....that looks easy enough...well, think again. How many times have you been able to pick out the individual sheets of a mosaic tile installation? You say never, then you haven't been looking at typical restroom floor installs, or "in your face" wall applications of mosaic tiles. Let me say that if mosaic tile is installed on your kitchen backsplash, you will be looking at it for many years, unless you move, then, will it help or hinder the sale of your house? If it looks like you did the job, it will most likely hinder the sale.


For years mosaic tile has been used in "restoration" type applications, that is where you are trying to restore a look of say the 1940's when mosaics were used extensively.


Today mosaic tile installation is being reeled into the 21st century as full installations, and as accents to tile or stone tile applications.


A ceramic tile with a natural appearance can be transformed with stone mosaics to appear all stone to most viewers. Maybe a stone chair rail or 1/2" stone bead could also be used. Needless to say the last thing that I want to see is that the mosaic tiles were on sheets in the end result. Meticulous placing of each sheet is critical, and not an easy accomplishment. This just means that you need to get a qualified installer to do the work. Qualified = Experienced. 


Spend some time and look at some of the workmanship that the self-professed tile installer considers to be great. Calls to reporting agencies are a must to check on good standing during recent jobs. The person or business may not be a member of any of these agencies, but may have quite a report waiting for you for FREE so fear no more.


You have found a source of quality advice and quality installation of any of the mosaic tiles available to the market which is numerous.  There are most commonly stone mosaics, tile mosaics, rizzones, glass mosaics, to mention a few. Each type of mosaic tile requires its own specifications to be installed correctly, for example glass mosaics have a very rigid set of specks to follow to accomplish the expected finished product to last a lifetime.


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